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Protomalopotrika.com is the most popular news agency in Bangladesh. It starts since 2019 with the hope of helping People for News. Prothomalopotrika.com share the unique Latest Bangle News/Article – Sports, Crime, Entertainment, , Business, Politics, Education, Opinion, Lifestyle, Photo, Travel, National, World. Prothomalopotrika.com has brought accurate news and unique insights to a widely dispersed audience.


Protomalopotrika.com is a news agency with a few clients in the broadcast industry. Many more unique visitors Turing to the site because kept changing for the provider of essential News, information.In June 2019, Hridoy hossain News Editor took over as Managing Director of the company.


Is Protomalopotrika.com a news agency or a news paper?


Protomalopotrika.com is a news agency. But it is now essentially a news paper published on the internet.


Is Protomalopotrika.com politically aligned?

Protomalopotrika.com is not politically aligned. It share accurately report event as they occur, depicting the appropriate context and relevant background information. Prothomalopotrika.com always focused is to educate, inform, entertain, and above all.


Protomalopotrika.com’s sole editorial bias is towards coherent, lucid, rational, logical, well-argued and topical content.


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