UK wants to take a new step in Iran

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt is going to take a new step to reduce tensions in the Gulf region. He said he would hold meetings with European leaders in Brussels.


Last year the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal. Since then, tensions between Iran and the United States continue to rise. The sensitive nuclear program will be restricted to Iran. Iran will allow international insiders to go on, in exchange for Iran. The imposed economic block will be lifted.


On July 4, the British Navy seized an oil tanker named Grace 1 in the United Kingdom. The British Navy seized Iran oil tanker on the coast of Gibraltar, suspected to be in the UK. Suspected, the British Navy seized Irans oil tanker on the coast of Gibraltar. Tensions in this regard have increased in the United Kingdom.


Today, Hunt will hold talks with France and Germany in Brussels on Monday. Britain, France, and Germany say they have support for this agreement. However, recent US-Iranian relations and tensions in the Gulf have created deep concern among them.


Former US President Barack Obama to sign six-strong treaties with Tehran in 2015 to prevent nuclear bombs.

Under the terms of the agreement,

  1. Keep in place the boundaries of Iran’s rich uranium reserves.
  2. Most economic sanctions will be lifted from Iran.

President Trump openly opposes the deal after coming to power, so the relationship between Iran and the United States is bad happens.


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